Robert Prosser

WAS KOMMT (Runde 1) - an excerpt of Prossers Novel GEMMA HABIBI (Ullstein 2019) and part of the Performance with the same title - is the first single form the upcoming EP DRUMBADOUR (!Rufzeichen Records, Vienna).

DRUMBADOUR - Lan Sticker on Drums and Robert Prosser on the Mic - concentrates the Essentials: Rhythm and Voice are combined to a radical and powerful form of story-telling, reduced to the most possible freewheeling space for speech and tact, not a single word too much, no hit off-key.

Drums: Lan Sticker
Text und Stimme: Robert Prosser
Boxer: Manuel Schwarzl
Boxerin: Melanie Horn
Video: Ilja Bayerl
Sound: Amann Studios, Wien

Special Thanks to Boxclub Unterberger, W├Ârgl